Thou Shalt Not Punch Someone 132 Times: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

‘If not you, then who? If not now, when?’


what happened in yonkers must not stay in yonkers.

an asian-american woman was severely beaten. she was struck 132 times in a hate crime attack. beyond her being struck over a hundred times, the attacker felt the need to exact violence on an innocent and defenseless woman and stomp on her. it is reported that he used as racial slur as well.

the shocking age restricted video is on youtube. each and every american should view this video below. all teens should view it as well. it should be required viewing as part of classes in government. please click and watch by clicking on the “watch on you tube.”

the asian community and its friends must placed sustained focus on this woman’s tragedy. while there have been quite a number of disturbing amount of violence and death upon the asian community, this incident is unique because of the video. it displays the full attack; every blow. there is no defense to this assailant’s inhumanity.

the asian community, its friends, and media ensure that the criminal justice system holds this attacker responsible for this crime. he must be appropriately charged and receive a maximum sentence. this individual should have the maximum bail imposed for release. by the video, he poses a danger to society and should not be out on the streets.

in order to make this happen, the asian community must have representatives and asian media actively engaging the district attorney’s offices in this matter. all accounts of what is being done to exact justice for this horrible crime must be published in real time. social media must be informing the public. this media should request cameras be present in each and every hearing for this prosecution. when there are proceeding on the matter, the judge should look out to a sea of asian spectators in the crowd. the criminal justice system must know that they are being watched and they better get it right.

to put an end to this violence, a message must be sent loud and clear. if you come after members of the asian community, the community will be there to make sure that you are brought to justice and receive the maximum punishment for your conduct. this message is to be sent to those who prey on the community, the police, the district attorneys and the judges. if district attorneys, police, and judges are not on board, the asian community must go to the ballot box and remove those who do not wish to serve the needs of the community.

while new york, california and wisconsin have had tragic asian hate crimes resulting in death, the yonkers’ case is a perfect one to begin with to create a network to tackle this problem. .

beyond seeking justice, the community must also rally around this woman and give her the support she needs to recover from her injuries both financially, morally, and emotionally. a legal staff should be organized to make sure that she received any and all benefits she is entitled to obtain. many states have victims of crime programs. someone needs to assist her to make sure that she obtains such benefits.

in sum, as rabbi hillel said, this is perhaps time to act.

be well!!

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