Fashion’s End: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

luxury retail shop theft is rapidly evolving to the point there will be a tragedy. the dangerous new normal has led to violence. designer retail shopping is changing. a recent story may give you pause to foot in these stores.

high fashion items, such as purses from louis vuitton, gucci and christian dior, for many prospective thieves, are a great retail steal. purses and other items on showroom floors can be worth anywhere from $2,000.00, to $10,000.00. these items can be sold on secondary markets. the aftermarket sales for legitimate luxury items are flourishing on the internet. thus, those selling stolen pursues can receive top dollar for these items. even if the items are sold, the thieves can also use them and enjoy the luxury lifestyle. additionally, they can use them as great gifts for family and friends.

an evolution has taken place with luxury retail theft. flash mob thefts went to snatch and grabs. snatch and grabs went to smash and grabs. smash and grabs elevated to a willingness of thieves using caustic substances on employees as well as flash weapons, i.e. open a jacket to reveal that they are carrying a weapon.

a recent neiman marcus arrest is perhaps the most alarming as to where things are trending. it is reported that a gun sniffing dog helped nab a robber who was armed with a loaded 9mm pistol. the accused is someone with a taste for fashion. reports have him previously arrested at nordstroms and christian dior. it is reported that he was carrying approximately $1,000.00, in stolen items and had 16 counterfeit $100.00 bills.

while the $1,000.00, in value does not seem like much, given that the only taken were two belt buckles and a belt, evidences the potential value in stealing these little items.

the most disturbing part of the story is the fact that this retail store employed security with gun sniffing dog sends a clear message to shoppers. the retailers know that the stores are not safe. there is a likelihood of dangerous people being in the store where you are shopping.

in sum, from the beginning of humanity, there were always those who took advantage of the hard work of others. as a result of this, societies have had to adjust. luxury stores will inevitably be by appointment only. a number of stores have already taken this measure. this sad development is evidence of societal changes occur when leaders turn their backs on ten commandments’ values.

be well!!

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