The Rebbe’s Space Race Victory? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

menachem schneerson, before becoming a rabbi, pursued an engineering education. his initial vocational dreamed eventually ended and he ascending to leadership within the chabad movement.

thanks to president john f kennedy’s peace corp speech, the rebbe had an epiphany. he as well would create his own sort of corp. his corp would be promote the chabad movement throught the world. as such emissaries have sprouted up in remote parts of the world spreading judaism. in doing this, he created a “starbuck’s effect” to the movement. jewish people, no matter where they are in the world know that if they needed to connect with judaism, they could simply look for the local chabad. there, they know that there will be shabbat services, holiday services, and assistance in being observant in the area. a recent event may lead to an amazing new location.

the kennedy administration’s apollo mission committed the united states to place a man on the moon and have them return to earth. was this also an inspiration for the rebbe as much as the peace corp concept? a chabad house in outer space?

while a chabab house in outer space may be decades away, an inroad has been made.

it is reported that chabad is assisting an israeli astronaut headed for the international space station celebrate passover in space chabad provided wine in the form of grape juice boxes as well as matzah to partake of in outer space. the handmade matzah was provided chabad of the space and treasure coasts of florida. rabbi zvi konikov provided the items to the astronaut eytan stibbe.

this historic moment is another victory for the chabad movement. their dedication towards being a source of positivity and observance of judaism. did the rebbe, who studied science envision this? most certainly, he would have been thrilled to see that his vision took chabad to great heights.

be well!!

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