Sometimes Life Is What It Is Cracked Up To Be: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

while living in venice, california, i walked over to the abbot kinney memorial library located on south venice blvd. i was horrified to find a hypodermic needle on the grass on the north side of the building. this was an area trafficked by children, adults, and pets.

another day, i was traveling back to venice and exited the 10 freeway 4th street exit caught a red light at the top. there i witnessed a man take out a rubber strap and place it one his arm. he then injected himself with a drug, presumable heroin. this was done while he stood on a filthy street corner.

where were these needles coming from? when did this out in the open drug use become come from? i could only assumed that the needle exchange “do gooders” were responsible. where else would they come from? apparently, needles are not being exchanged. rather, they are littering city streets and parks. these used needles may contain blood borne diseases such as hepatitis c and hiv. thus, they post a serious health risk to neighborhoods.

it is reported in the la times in 2021, ” walt mcneill, a lawyer in nevada city, calif., challenged nonprofit-run needle programs…mcneill said his clients aren’t opposed to needle programs in general, just ones they believe are run irresponsibly. “you have no idea where the needles are going, and no way of recovering needles effectively,” he said.” he challenged the programs on environments grounds. the complaint filed with respect to santa cruz needle program alleged that the program “spread tens of thousands of used and unused hypodermic needle ‘litter’” throughout the community and has led to “environmental degradation of the creeks, streams, rivers and beaches.”

when communities fight back, what did the california government do? governor newsome retaliated against the decent people who want to live in safe neighborhoods free of errant needles. thus, a law was passed so that “opponents of free needle programs will no longer be able to sue over violations of the california environmental quality act, known as ceqa.” in other words, governor newsome values substance abuse over the environment.

there is a saying that “as california goes, so goes the country.” sadly, this is true. it is reported that the biden administration also values substance abuse over other values. it is reported that with federal government funding programs that distribute drug paraphernalia in the guise of a “safe smoking” kit. the oxymoron “safe smoking” refers to instructing individuals how to take and use dangerous addicting street drugs that could kill them. it was reported that “all of the five organizations [involved in program] the free beacon visited included not only crack pipes in their kits but also utensils to use heroine, cocaine and crystal methamphetamine, without requiring any sort of rehabilitation along with the free drug kits. ” this is the case at the time when the biden administration disseminated disinformation to the contrary.

in sum, perhaps the marriage of government and substance abuse occurred when hunter biden allegedly met mayor marion barry. it is reported that hunter biden, the son of president biden, once boasted that he smoked crack with the late mayor of the district of columbia marion barry. so, we can say, that for some in government and elsewhere, life is truly “cracked” up.

be well!!

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