The Best Post Sometimes Is Not To Post: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

yesterday, there was no post. while it was a crazy travel day, there was some time at the airport to finish and post. i played with a number of almost completed posts. they, however, all had problems. i had standards. the blog’s goal is that each post, whether serious or humorous, must wake some valid point.

this moment brought me back to a artist’s lecture concerning his paintings. he was a spanish painter whose background was in the sciences. he journeyed from a different world to become an artist. his biography was contained much information concerning his life story and motivations. one of his paintings on display was of a grassfire on a field. these fields were wired as opposed to fenced. it appears that some of the material used was barbed wire.

the question and answer period of the lecture started. an individual asked whether the painting of the grassfire has any holocaust symbolism. having taken in his speech, read his biographical information, in my mind, no stretch of logic could take someone to that conclusion or belief. the painter politely dismissed her thought. this individual’s imagination and background took them an idea far removed from the reality of the artwork. it was a painting of a grassfire.

making a valid point is important. one risks credibility when things are taken in a direction. a wild offering or something pointless can be damaging to a blog.

yesterday, i struggled to reach a “point” that i could offer to readers. if the reader could not walk away with one point, concept, or facts, that will be of value or meaning, i was not going to post anything. yesterday, i tapped out. there would be no tuesday post.

“making a point” or a “mark” is so important in life. a restaurant having a bad day and serving food below their capabilities make a bad point as to their abilities produce delicious meals. this can result in the loss of clientele and future clientele. a newspaper filled with meaningless articles may lead readers to alternative sources. personally, a series of moments of not reaching standards at work can result in the loss of one’s livelihood. with personal relationships, a series of moments of not meeting standards can cause a relationship to fall apart.

in sum, this post succeeds in pointing out that our standards are something to value. life involves serious considerations of one’s quality and standards. this may fly, however, in the face of consistency. this is certainly an important reflection point worthy of discussion.

be well!!

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