The Tail Of A Winner: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

american sports and sportsmanship is dying a slow painful death. many athletes find value social media presence and marketing over performance. also, a trend of professional sports teams have practiced in resting players. this results in paying fans deprived of their opportunity to see the sport’s superstars. finally, there is the trend of tanking. teams have been accused of intentionally losing to position themselves for a league’s draft of college or other eligible players.

at this year’s wimbledon, all-time tennis great, ms. serena williams, wore black tape on her face while competing in a first round match. the tape reportedly was of questionable therapeutic value. perhaps, it may had some pecuniary value for ms. williams. regardless, the tape served as an attention getter as ms. williams was defeated. from the outside looking in, the legend reduced herself to tantamount to a “band aid” commercial on the court. fans watched a tragedy, not tennis. ms. williams’ bizarre use of the tape, however, garnered significant media attention and value to the product. articles were written about it.

while athletes are free to make money and should try to make it during their careers, there is a price to pay when it is not done properly. fans can get turned off by the excessive commercialism. each product pitch can diminish both the athlete’s and sport’s purity. one thing is watching an athlete being in a commercial, another thing is the athlete being the commercial.

no irony is lost that i transition from a commercial enterprise that became a sporting event.

to promote hot dogs, nathan’s restaurant started a hot dog eating contest. the commercial event, over the years, has transformed to a competitive event. at high noon every 4th of july, this contest is broadcast on sports channels. the competitors have become recognized stars. mr. joey chestnut has become the american hero athlete. not only did he take back the title from a japanese nemesis, he has continued that achievement with defending the title in record setting fashion. who needs breakfast at wimbledon when you can have a hot dog lunch in coney island?

recently, american sports have further deteriorated. gender and sex issues have sullied women’s sports. swimming contests and skateboarding contests are fraught with controversy. a 29 year old trans athlete recent defeat of a 13 year old girl in a skateboarding competition has been the subject of debate. who wants to watch competition that will likely end in cries of unfairness?

thus, i was fortunate to find a sport where all genders and sexes compete together on even footing; more accurately even paws.

my hot dog eating admiration has turned hot dog admiration. my sporting idols are now “pink!” and “bee.” they join mr. chestnut on my pantheon of athleticism idolatry. while mr. chestnut eats hot dogs cooked, it is reported these ladies like their meat raw.

these top dogs are the product of canine agility trainer ms. jennifer crank. she and her dogs capture the spirit of athletic competition. ms. crank’s female competitors have taken down their male counterparts to claim multiple titles in 16″ agility competition. this competitions are held at various dog shows such was westminster. ms. crank’s “pink!” and “bee” have been spectacular and dominating.

ms. crank is a record setting star in the industry. she has won countless awards. she, as well as her dogs, display their talents on the course as she guides the animals threw them. ms. crank has been able to coach her animals in such as away that they are infectious with enthusiasm. her dogs are amped pre-race, during the race, and post-competition. upon completion of the course, they literally fly into ms. crank’s open arms. who needs the lambeau leap? in a short 30 second event, ms. crank and her top dogs are winning crowds over.

in sum, look towards the “hot dogs” and the “hot dogs” for a moment of sporting pleasure. athletic competition. the assault on sports’ orthodoxy which include commercialization and controversy most likely will drive fans away.

be well!!

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