Four Words For the Fourth: A Ten Commandment’s Tale

those who can do

the fourth of july is a celebration of independence and opportunity. are people taking advantage of it? what do people do with this precious independence?

do they mindlessly sit and watch movies and television? do they spend countless hours playing video games? do destroy their lives with drugs and excessive drinking?

squandering one’s opportunity to enjoy one’s freedom and opportunity is almost sinful. it is painful to see individual’s fail to tap their minds for ambitions and goals to find positive things to achieve. achievements and self-satisfaction can lead to happiness.

“those” represents all who are blessed with freedom and opportunity pursue a life of happiness.

“who” represents those who have taken their time to think of positive things that they can do to improve their lives or make themselves happy. improving one’s life can likewise be done with improving the lives of their families, their communities and the country.

“can” represents those capable with their god given abilities to do things in life. each individual’s capability has a limited window of opportunity. those capable now may not in the future.

“do” represents the taking of these actions that will bring one on a path of happiness. doing isn’t limited to big things. any little thing can bring one happiness. doing one little thing can strengthen one’s ability to continue to do more things. a string of little things accomplished can lead greater happiness and success; overcoming procrastination is perhaps the hardest thing to do.

with this, positively enjoy your freedom.

be well!!

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