The extra ORDINARY: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

anyone who sustains one soul is credited as if they sustained an entire world

sanhedrin 37a

both main stream and social media find little value in acknowledging, promoting and amplifying acts of courage and heroism. rather controversy, clout, and clicks drive them towards their monetary desire. recently, two particular acts greatness have been largely ignored.

mr. corion evans, a teen from mississippi, is credited with saving four people from a river. a car had errantly driven into the water and it was sinking. mr. evans proceeded to jump in to the river and assist the three girls in the car. one of mr. evans’ friends aided as well. not only did he assist in saving the three girls, he also had to save a rescuing police officer who encountered difficulties during the operation. moss point city has recognized his bravery. a statements was issued: “the police department and i commend mr. evans’s bravery and selflessness he displayed by risking his own safety to help people in danger,” moss point chief brandon ashley said in a statement. “if mr. evans had not assisted, it could have possibly turned out tragically instead of all occupants rescued safely.”

at the tragic highland park 4th of july shooting, it is reported that a woman had gotten hold of a two-year-old child who was covered with blood. [update: the woman, ms. lauren silva proceeded to save the child from being suffocated. her boyfriend’s son, morgan, noted the child and the need to help. when she was interviewed she said ‘When I first took him and he kept saying, “Are my mom and dad OK?” I said, “Everyone’s OK.” …I said “Yes, everyone’s fine.” I had to parent him. I had to tell him it was fine when it wasn’t fine.’ . she noted that the child’s father’s last act was holding the child in his arms. she then took the child to back “to a nearby parking garage with her, hoping to shield him from the carnage that had unfolded around him.”] she was able to hand the baby over to a mr. greg ring. mr. ring took the child. while the child wanted see its parents, mr. ring took the youth away from the active shooter scene. he went to a fire station which, because of the need to take care of the wounded, asked mr. ring to take care of the child. mr. ring brought the child to his his in-laws’ house and had the child hang out with his child. it was later discovered that this child had lost both parents in the shooting. mr. ring was able to assist in getting the child reunited with his grandparents.

in sum, one must ask “what is really going on in the country?” does the media accurately depict all segments of society? due to this, children see the means of getting attention and notoriety is bad behavior. the individuals in these two stories are to be admired. five individuals are able to live out their lives due to courage and heroism. ever increasingly in the united states, it is the ordinary who are the extraordinary. congratulations and gratitude are for mr. evans, mr. ring, and the others who went out of their way to make a difference. five worlds were saved by two acts.

be well!!

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