Toppling 101: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

anne frank obsession and popularity has in part given rise to an attempt to topple the holocaust victim.

for educators, anne frank is a teaching lesson winner. how better to teach children about the holocaust? with ms. frank, they are able to use an historical account via a child’s diary. this fact may inspire their students to start their own. teachers are able to do it via the voice of young jewish woman. with that, they were not subject to accusation of teaching based upon a “white male” perspective. likewise, they are able to inspire children as to the possibility that their writings and projects perhaps could become historically significant. yes. children can make history! with her unfortunate demise, ms. frank passes a purity test. there will be no post-holocaust events such as her becoming an alcoholic, a criminal, or affiliating herself with any disfavored ideology.

unrestrained by the trappings which have compromised the likes of christopher columbus or thomas jefferson, teaching anne frank gained ever so much in popularity. it is safe.

at some point, however, popular teachings can become stale. they become the vanilla ice cream. students often demand at least, 31 flavors. as such, perhaps anne frank fatigue is growing in the world of academic.

beyond the naturally expected fatigue, there is a new group emerging that is seeking to erase ms. frank. those studying “toppling 101” are now taking at stab at attacking ms. frank with accusations of her whiteness privilege and the fact that her father committed the grave sin of owning a business. for some, being sentenced to a death camp and dying is not excuse when “white privilege” and “capitalism” is involved. yes. the “toppling 101: students are perhaps full of racist beliefs and a sense of entitlement. so much that i would not be surprised when they finally make the full circle to endorse that hitler was correct to committing genocide against those who had “white privilege” and believed in enterprise.

be well!!

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