Thou Shalt Not Pander: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

We are not tacos

National Association of Hispanic Journalists

pandering runs on the borderline of dishonesty. an honest compliment can be special.

dr. jill biden’s speech writers created a historically embarrassing moment for the first lady. in a speech before the national assocaition of hispanic journalists, first lady jill biden literally equated hispanics to “breakfast tacos.”

this racial slur was so bad that most news sources were not to concerned to address dr. biden’s reference to bodegas. while dr. biden mispronounced the term, no reference was made to the plight of mr. jose alba, the nyc bodega clerk who stands wrongfully charged with murder when he acted in self-defense. there are many in the hispanic community that are concerned that mr. alba receive justice. he, a hard working family man, is very much part of the fabric of the hispanic community.

dr. biden’s “taco” comment has brought universal condemnation. even democratic operatives cannot ignore the level of insult. the national association of hispanic journalists made known their displeasure in a statement.

honest compliments, however, can bring adulation. in the torah, there was an individual, balaam, who was supposed to lay out a curse on the children of israel. he, however, changed course to provide a compliment. his words were “how goodly are your tents, o jacob, your dwelling places, o israel! they extend like streams, like gardens by the river, like aloes which the lord planted, like cedars by the water. water will flow from his wells, and his seed shall have abundant water; his king shall be raised over agag, and his kingship exalted. god, who has brought them out of egypt with the strength of his loftiness he shall consume the nations which are his adversaries, bare their bones and dip his arrows [into their blood]. he crouches and lies like a lion and like a lioness; who will dare rouse him? those who bless you shall be blessed, and those who curse you shall be cursed.” numbers 24:5

balaam’s heartfelt compliment captured the nature of a people. the tents represented the hospitable nature of the the jewish people and their welcoming of strangers. the greatness of his words made them worthy of being included in the torah. his words are so special that they are recited during daily prayers.

anyone can observe that hispanic people in america are proud hard working individuals who believe in faith, family and community. dr. biden’s reduced these people to the worst stereotype imaginable. while the first lady has apologized, her comments are truly reflective of the current administration attitude. president joe biden, with his staff, are currently engaged in a slur of equal magnitude.

in sum, never try to pander. take the time to understand a group or individual before trying to pay a compliment. failure to do so can be embarrassing. with no doubt, the first lady will be forever reminded of her error in judgment every tuesday.

be well!!

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