The Sight of Blood! A Ten Commandments’ Tale

Almighty God! Thou hast chosen me in Thy mercy to watch over the life and death of Thy creatures. I now apply myself to my profession. Support me in this great task so that it may benefit mankind, for without Thy help not even the least thing will succeed.

daily prayer of a physician

the field of medicine’s reputation has fallen off of a cliff. the profession and its institution has acted to erode public confidence. those in used car sales inspire better feeling of trust than with those in medicine. the university of michigan medical school white coat ceremony this year evidences a reason for this problem. the medical profession has an identity crisis. the new generation of doctors,, in reality, believe that “they” are in fact the “patients.” the disease which has brought on this crisis, “toxic entitlement” caused by social justice.

as a professional, a lawyer, i have spent a career handling the cases of any and all who require my legal services. race, nationality, sexual orientation, religious or political orientation has never been a concern. rather, the sole requirement for an individual to receive legal services in my offices is whether an individual had a legitimate case, they are honest, and they are willing to be cooperative with the staff. over the years, i have been honored to represent almost every type of person imaginable. my business is for all who desire my services.

i work closely with the medical profession. there are trends occurring. medical offices are highly selective in accepting patients. they “cherry pick” patients and are not open to all comers. more recently, with covid-19, some became restrictive by requiring patients to be vaccinated. this requirement was shocking at it was both unscientific and irrational. natural immunity and pre-evaluation testing should have also been considered as an alternative. some medical professionals are divorced from the fact that an unvaccinated person covid-19 is someone who is actually healthy. since they do not have the disease, they cannot spread it. further, it appears social justice is pushing the medicine further down this rabbit hole.

a “white coat” ceremony is when first year medical students receive their “white coat” and they can pretend they are a doctor while they are in school learning. i am familiar as i witnessed both my niece’s white coat ceremony streaming as well as when her med school graduation ceremony. the speaker at the ceremony at the university of michigan medical school was controversial. she was pro-life, or as i would say, pro-fetus. before the event, there was considerable upset expressed over her speaking. this led to an arranged walk out by a number of medical students.

the walk out begs the question, would you trust any of these students who walked out to treat a fetus or a pregnant woman? would you trust them on giving advice to a pregnant woman on whether to have an abortion? would you trust them to treat someone who does not share their political or moral views?

the consequences of “toxic entitlement” exist within the medical profession has already. an example is the doctor who made it known, via twitter, allegedly, that she wished to “purposely give all the yahood (sic)[jewish people] the wrong meds.” for those live their lives in the social justice world, they may actually be rooting a person like this on. who knows, with these medical students, would they give an abortion drug to a pregnant woman to satisfy their own ego?

in sum, it would appear that these medical student’s requirement for a “safe space” will undoubtedly collide with actual patients’ needs for actual medical care. thus, the only good prescription in this matter is to remove these medical students from the profession. it is sad. it is harsh. your life, and the life of your loved ones, if this is not done, however, are at risk if the professional allows for this immature behavior to exist. these medical students are best to be bubble wrapped and placed in a safe space to live out their lives. god forbid if they see the sight of blood! what will they do? run?

be well!!

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