Motor Vehicles Are Not Instruments of Justice [or Psychotherapy] : A Ten Commandments’ Tale

over the past few weeks, there have been motor vehicle fatalities arising out of “toxic entitlement.” bad mental health days and getting behind the wheel has taken the lives. recently, a motor vehicle was used as an instrument to exact justice and perhaps as an instrument to provide some mental health care. it is reported that ms. kiani phoenix, after having been in a physical altercation, entered into a vehicle. she then proceeded to drive the vehicle, which had been parked on the street, onto the sidewalk in an attempt to exact justice upon an individual who had wronged her. from the video, perhaps she appeared to be targeting that individual with the car. instead, she tragically killed a man who was a bystander, a disabled man, who was sitting on his walker on the sidewalk. ms. kiani phoenix’s response was to drive off as a hit and run.

ms. kiani phoenix had been charged with murder. she reportedly targeted an abusive boyfriend’s sister when she killed the bystander.

ms. phoenix turned herself in and is playing the mental health card. she has sought treatment. she has spent time in a mental institution. thus, she knew she had mental health issues. she, however, felt mentally capable of driving a vehicle. she will also playing the domestic abuse card in her criminal . she had filed 10 domestic complaints against her ex. while there was a domestic dispute that had occurred prior to her getting into the car, she, despite her mental health issues, understood how to access the court system. on the day in question, she chose to not drive off and call the police, however. she chose to act as judge, jury and executioner. in doing so, she murdered an innocent man.

while her lawyer is now spinning the matter, the facts are clear: she got in the car, she had the opportunity to drive away from the situation, and she killed an innocent person and drove away. a hit and run.

for those who have any sympathy for this individual, please look at the nypost article to view the photo showing the victim, the real victim, mr. milton storch, being pinned and crushed by ms. phoenix.

in sum, mental health issues and access to a motor vehicle does not give one the privilege to use a dangerous piece of equipment as an instrument of death. if ms. phoenix and her attorney wish to receive any sympathy, she could begin the process by turning in her drivers’ license and concede she is unfit to ever have the privilege of operating a vehicle.

be well!!

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