A Life Without Consequences: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

my generation is in part responsible for moving society towards a life “without consequences.”

the underlying concept is that people are free can do whatever they please with no repercussions. legalization and decriminalization of marijuana was on of the efforts. my generation needed their guilt free and consequence free marijuana. part of my generation apparently went further to include criminal justice reform as another consequence free event. we should feel good about wrongdoers not having to go to jail. this concept was easily accepted by a generation who sought to be friends with their children rather than disciplinarians. guilt free and consequence free shoplifting was invented. student loan debt cancellation is the latest action. consequence free and guilt free financial irresponsibility is a good thing for them. why should some of these students repay loans for a worthless education that failed to get them a job sufficient to pay their debt? likewise, shouldn’t others pay for some of these students recreational activities and housing why they were to school? [note: shouldn’t the institutions who provided worthless education, and who have amassed large tax free endowments, provide the debt relief?]

there is a rule with consequences. artificially manufacturing positive consequences has its downfall. legalized marijuana has been implicated in addiction, brain damage, mental health issues in teens and young adults, and arguably had contributed to a greater homeless problem. so-called criminal justice reform has led to store closures. it has also led to items, such as laundry detergent, being placed under lock and key in stores decriminalization has made shoplifting a criminal enterprise for organized crime. the student debt program relief will place others, who did not get loans or paid off their own loans, to take on the burden for these individuals.

the actual reality is that positive consequences often come with doing difficult tasks or hard work. success in school can require sacrificing a social life and engaging in substance abuse. success on a job may require as well sacrificing social life and avoidance of substance abuse.

an example of positive consequence for a difficult task is noted in the ten commandments. honoring one’s parents, according to the ten commandments, will extend one’s life. children honoring their parents in assisting them as they age offers them an insight to their own future. they can see their parents’ successes, failures, and health issues.

in sum, life is not easy and it is not without consequence. creating false realities to normalize aberrant behavior will always come with a societal cost.

be well!!

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