Of Monkeys, Dogs & God: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

our family has taken in a puppy. the dog is an ambassador of sorts. everywhere we go, all people of all sorts ethnicities, nationalities, age, orientations, and health have approached to take the puppy in. each individual approaching do so with happiness, kindness and good intention. the puppy, in return, is friendly to everybody. to date. the dog has not given any individual the cold shoulder. individuals get a little love and affection in return.

why? how is it that dogs non-judgmental towards humans?

recent research may have answered the question. the study found that dogs are focused on people’s actions as opposed to the individual. in other words, one who acts favorably towards a canine will generally be rewarded in kindness and companionship.

the study noted “results showed that dogs are vastly more visually attuned to actions in their environment, rather than who or what is performing those actions.” dailymail.com

in other research, both dogs and monkeys were studied. “researchers have found that both dogs and capuchin monkeys prefer people who help others. they also showed that monkeys showed a preference to fairer people. ” dailymail.com the researchers said that these types of judgement behaviors might explain the origins of human morality. dailymail.com

with humans, we look at both behavior and the individuals. thus, we draw associations between certain types of individuals and behavior. this can be a driving force with prejudice.

the master of the universe understood humanity’s problem. the torah was in part created to address this issue. the torah offers instructions on how one should conduct themselves. in action, an individual being respectful to their parents can not only lead to a favorable impression of the individual. it might also lead to a favorable impression of others. likewise, improper conduct can do the opposite. it can lead to unfavorable impressions of others. overall, however, each and every individual doing positive conduct makes a positive impression upon humanity. likewise, each and every individual engaging in negative conduct does the contrary. this is why, when we step out into the world, our actions matter.

perhaps, it is the torah, with its laws of respect and dignity, and understanding the nature of dogs and monkeys that should be appreciated when trying to create a better society.

be well!!

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