Cancellation Chicken, The Ye and The We: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

recently, some los angeles city council members were rocked with accusations of hatred which were secretly recorded and released to the public. the racism was to the point were protestors went to the council president’s home to express their dissatisfaction. she eventually resigned in disgrace.

at the same time, entertainer and entrepreneur mr. kanye went intentionally issued outward statements of hostility towards the jewish people. he elicited what is to be considered classic anti-semitic trope. it would appear that he had taken his unsatisfactory business dealings and feelings towards the kushner family and globalized it into an attack against the greater jewish community.

mr. west must appreciates that many jewish people across the globe either do not know of are care about clothing line “skims,” this dispute and his posts, however, may inspire someone to carry out his campaign of “death con 3” against the jewish people. mr. west should literally not let his panties get bunched up. rather, he has ben unapologetic over his statements. recently, he was reported to have given a hug to mr. nick cannon. mr. cannon is someone who had an anti-semitic run in with the jewish community. he employed the similar trope of mr. west that essentially “all blacks are jews.” mr. cannon, after his statements, was apologetic. his apology was well received. mr. cannon appeared to move past his difficulties. there are no cries for mr. cannon to be cancelled.

mr. west, however, is playing the game of cancellation chicken. he does not want to move off of his position. he, unlike mr. cannon, wishes to continue with his anti-semitic trope. [commentary: an excellent article on this issue was done by] in doing so, he insults the many blacks are either born jewish or are “jews by choice.” the declaration that since an individual is black they are jewish is insulting. it is for the black jewish converts who have studied hard and have committed to the faith. it is insulting for black jews from ethiopia and uganda, for example, who, over centuries or decades, had been discriminated against by other blacks due to their faith.

in sum, the game has begun. sadly, “we” all must have to take the time to form our own personal position with respect to these individuals. sadly, “we” may be judged by the position that we take.

while mr. west, in his tucker carlson interview, noted that he performed to an audience of “one,” god, he perhaps fails to appreciate that there are countless amounts of people on this planet who hold themselves accountable to the master of the universe. they do so by taking the time to study the scripture and incorporate the commandments into their life. in the end, mr. west will come to realize that he is currently playing chicken with god? is his performance to god a tragedy or a comedy?

be well!!

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