The Re-Domestication of Mankind: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the high holidays may have been one of the many first steps needed towards the re-domestication of mankind.

with pandemic restrictions both removed and for the most part forgotten, the congregants interacted with their families, friends and newcomers. synagogues, churches and mosques can enjoy the opportunity to once again hosting the public.

being present, one can appreciate what is lost by virtual services. being present, there is the personal one-on-one experience. much can be said about a personal welcome, a hand shake and a hug. the service offers one to perform an act of kindness; offering up one’s seat to an elderly person or helping someone get a prayer book can be uplifting.

as an in person group, we learn to act together. with no mute button to push, we, once again, have to learn to remain silent during the sermon and other important parts of the service. we grow with the experience the “being there. “

beyond religious institutions, the world has been severely impacted by the restrictions. staying at home, people have lost their social skills and their ability to conduct themselves. the new normal presented by government of rampant theft, drug use and condoning of illegal activity has changed people for the worse. individuals now have a hard time conducting themselves in stores, schools, and even at youth sporting events. improvement is needed across the board.

we are at a time in society that attempts must be made to reconnect to others. while the powers that be have lightened covid restrictions, the ten commandments’ principles, which include respecting god and his creation as well as others must be promulgated to bring back improved conduct.

in sum, one must appreciate and embrace the possibility that we can bring back some of the normal that existed in the past. while there is admittedly a new normal for some in society, this new normal must include foundational principles that assist us in living as human beings.

be well!!

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