The Worst Person In The World? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

generosity is treacherous business.

when consulted on this issue, i advise that “if you are loaning money to someone, you should do so with the expectation that you will never be repaid.”

acts of generosity are often met with disappointment. for instance, not only will loaned money not be repaid, it will often be used for unintended purchases, i.e. recreational drugs.

an element of gratitude may be in play. beyond the pro forma thank you, is the recipient of the act displaying continued gratitude? for instance, the lender may give the borrower an update on what transpired with the money and advise as to when repayment is anticipated. a continuous attitude of gratitude may show signs that the transaction will be a success for all. note: maimonides, via his levels of charity, appreciated a level of emotionality with giving.

a recent story displays the sad side of a generous act. ms. francia raisa donated a kidney to her friend in need, ms. selena gomez. she apparently suffered from an auto-immune disorder, lupus, and was in need a a life saving kidney. it must be noted that getting a kidney transplant does not solve the problem without extended care. individuals are usually placed on anti-rejection medication for the rest of their lives. this medication prevents the immune system from attacking the “foreign” kidney. thus, people getting a transplant live their lives with a weakened immune system.

overtime, the relationship between the two friends fell apart. the details are noted in a article. it was reported that …”just a year after her kidney donation, the two were said to be feuding, with francia taking an issue with selena’s ‘unhealthy lifestyle’ and her consuming alcohol following the surgery. ”

the fallout apparently led to ms. rasia’s omission from selena gomez’ documentary about her health struggles. no acknowledgment to the person who arguably saved her life. when this was pointed out, ms. gomez, posted “sorry i did not mention person i know.”

ms. gomez’ cruel display of insensitivity is indicative of a large segment of humanity. the eternal gratitude she owed disappeared. poof!

when the creator of the universe gave humanity free will, it came with a great cost. humanity, from its very onset, displayed this same lack of gratitude. we have been given the opportunity to enjoy life in a moral way, yet we have problems. this perhaps explains why many people spend time in prayer to praise the great acts which got us here today. perhaps expressing gratitude to the master of the universe can be a reminder to do so for assisting and generous individuals. whether ms. gomez likes it or not, ms. francia raisa did an amazing act of generosity which should be appreciated by all. donating a kidney is truly an eternal angelic act worthy of praise.

be well!!

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