Why Does This Always Happen? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in a world with geopolitical conflict, prejudice, hatred…why do these things happen?


a newborn was in trouble. he was the child of a syrian refugee family living in cyprus. he was part of triplets and weighed 3.3 pounds. his life threatening congestive heart defect was to create a diplomatic event. mr. johnny yusuf needed an operation not available on cyprus. cypriotic medical professionals turned to an israeli medical facility for assistance.

the diplomatic wheels worked through the issue of allowing for a syrian citizen to travel to israel. with political barriers removed, mr. yusuf was taken to schneider children’s medical center in israel. the complex surgery took place. the child, hopefully, is on the pathway to hopefully and long, healthy and fulfilling life.

why does this happen?

in the middle east, nations perceive others as enemies. they also know that their enemies have principles. abrahamic principles are shared. they know that, despite conflict, the door is open for assistance. human life is valued. abraham’s god desires this. welcoming others to one’s tent is tradition. likewise, they know that others act as representatives for the master of the universe. abraham’s success was deferred to his god. thus, having faith in such people is not unreasonable.

thus, can little acts of cooperation grow to becoming bigger and more commonplace acts?

be well!!

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