A Selfie World In Need of A Mirror: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

selfies are limiting. while they may capture a moment, at times thoughts, compassion, understanding and existentialism are absent. clout building shots with famous individuals or athletes, pictures with friends and family, and shots can turn into instant regret. provocative shots leave friends and families embarrassed. others extreme perfect shots result in fatality.

selfies will soon take on a new dimension. new camera phone editing functions allow for one to literally erase people and other items from shots. people can have amazing venice california shots simply by deleting the homeless and their encampments. in the fantasy world, anything is possible.

mirrors, as well, distort reality. there are the fun house mirrors that can alter one’s appearance. while mirrors in the past were a sign of vanity, selfies have staked a massive claim in that arena. selfies, however, lack the quality of a mirror. the personal experience of being in front of one and observing every move and every flaw. a mirror captures the soul until a picture. there is no editing and the moment is temporary. only a memory and an impression is captured.

selfies arguably expanded their reach with social media posts and commentary. often not well thought out short bits capture a moment in time. another opportunity to call out “look at me, look at me.” clout building often does not require any “self reflection.”

do individuals have mental mirrors that can save them from themselves? is it even possible that they are able to see and comprehend what they are actually doing? or, are there times when these individuals figuratively falling off of cliff as they strike out their mark on the world wide web.

in sum, navigating the world successfully involves some degree of mental chess. it is a challenge and discipline for one to inside themselves to understand what they are projecting to the world. creating something beautiful, thoughtful, meaningful or entertaining is a true gift.

be well!!

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