Thinking Without A Box: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

some people think in-the-box; some, out-of-the-box. many of the out-of the-boxers are actually constrained by the box. contrarian thoughts often are reactionary to “in-the-box” thinking. thus, is it possible to think without a box?

“in-the-box” thinker can be selfish. their thoughts are trapped with an inward world view. they tend to be self-interested and incapable of understanding or appreciating the world beyond themselves. their body is essentially their box.

others view beyond themselves. they can see others can reflect off of what they see. mr. kanye west’s ill fated “white lives matter” promotion along with his nazi comments exposes the problem with contrarian “out-of-the-box” thinking.

to avoid the pitfalls of “out-of-the-box” thinking, thinking “without a box” may offer a better approach. the box defines the thinking that occurs within and outside the box. no box allows for thought to expand beyond constraints and the reflection of the constraints. with no box, one can see themselves, others, and the grand scheme of things. thinking requires one to appreciate time and history. the past, the present and the future must be employed with thought. thinking requires the endless contemplation of causes and effects. thinking is not just about one chess game. it is about past and future games as well. thinking without a box requires having the vision to see the big picture.

with this, i offer a conversation i had with a politician. at the time, he was all excited about the opportunities to bring the marijuana industry to his city. this politician, the mayor, thought only of the business opportunities. essentially, he thought of the tax revenue his city would enjoy with the new business. while it was not said, i would assume that he was enthused by the thought of political donations from these proprietors.

with no box, he would have thought about the children who would now have more ready access to marijuana. he would have thought about the fact that brain development can be damaged by marijuana up until the mid-20s. he would have thought that children could develop either mental health or addiction problems with respect marijuana use. he would have thought that, in the long run, that marijuana may likely destroy children’s future prospects. further, he would have thought how marijuana businesses may bring crime and diminish his city’s quality of life. additionally, i believe that there is a strong connection between homelessness and marijuana. my venice resident experience leads me to believe that 100 percent of the homeless population has an affinity towards marijuana and using it on a regular basis. part of the homeless culture in drug use which includes marijuana usage. professionally, i have seen individuals destroy their lives and lose their jobs as a result of marijuana consumption. one must think that marijuana’s impact on society extends beyond a mere guilty pleasure and a quick buck for the government till. thus, when one thinks without a box, there is much to think about with respect to the issue.

in sum, in the past decades, only one group of thinkers truly made a great accomplishment. mars rover program staff worked thought of every possible contingency to land crafts on mars. their intelligence and ingenuity has led to a creation that has long surpassed its life expectancy. the rovers are still providing valuable information. their off the planet thinking is a testament to the potential of thought.

be well!!

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