“Just Do It Again”: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

“just do it again” is a new american brand. it is not about athletic shoes but rather something more sinister.

news reporting about a high profile prosecution in new york city are mind blowing. the issues raise in the prosecution include “what do you do when a criminal who is to be sentenced avows to do the same crime again?” further, “what do to that criminal, in that circumstance, when that very type of crime he allegedly committed is statistically growing at a disconcerting rate in your area?

the answer is obvious in these times. if you are a district attorney in some parts of the united states, you offer the individual the “minimum” sentence. “criminal” justice reform is all about “just do it again.” dailymail.com

over the years, once can conclude that local governments, in general, take ordinary citizens’ and residents’ quality of life for granted. after all, they are stuck paying taxes thus, only when tourist tax dollar revenue, the chocolate syrup to put on top of mother’s milk, is threatened, politician suddenly “unwoke” themselves. “quality of a vacation” matters.

with criminal matter at issue, the new york city district attorney is essentially giving a “free pass” to an unrepentant perpetrator of a violent hate crime. an amazing minimum sentence is being offered of six months. within a short period of time, this individual will be out on the streets to “just do it again.”

whether the accused will accept the sentencing or whether a judge will approve it is not known. hopefully, a judge would understand that it would be “criminal” to allow an unrepentant criminal to get a minimal sentence. these sentences are intended for individuals who show some possibility of changing their past behavior.

in sum, the tv series “breaking bad” contained an epic line when the two protagonists, meth cookers and dealers, needed legal advice, one of them advised the other: “you don’t want a criminal lawyer… you want a ‘criminal’ lawyer” as such, our society must work to abandon the concept of “criminal” justice reform and bring it back to “criminal justice” reform. those believing in the “just do it again” approach should be dismissed. reporters also need to be asking district attorneys, such as ny da bragg, tough questions such as “if this individual gets released and immediately commits another similar crime, will you admit your are incompetent at handling your job?” “if he does commit another crime shortly after, will you resign?” “if are proven to exhibit poor judgment, shouldn’t you resign?”

be well!!

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