Terms of Service As A New Religion? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

some modern visionaries advocate that the repository of human experience, science and data though high technology, can essentially become one’s way of living. one can direct their actions by allowing this wealth of knowledge and algorithms to plot out their life decisions. “what food to eat?” “what movie to watch?” or “what books to read?” need not be your decision. hi tech will make the decisions for you. further, high tech can direct you to your proper mate or your group of friends. this technology will also tell you “what to believe.”

this scenario is a faulty was the wizard from “the wizard of oz.” the wizard was exposed to be a simple human and not some some great powerful being. omnipotent high tech people are the same. most intelligent people can look at data and see where the wind blows as far as the public. these tech people, however, are humans with their personal agendas. they impose their agendas and belief systems via platform’s terms of service. one can say that each and every time you go onto google, youtube, facebook, etc., you are entering a church of “terms of service.”

humans, much like the master of the universe as revealed in the torah, have opinions and views as how the world should be. the creator of the universe has an ultimate goal. he seeks humans to act with justice and righteousness. he wants participants in nature to be fruitful and multiply. he had his viewpoint published and distributed to all interested. human beings, however, have other agendas and often try to conceal them.

social media as well as other high tech platforms have terms of service which limit those creating content. they are handcuffed from expressing certain opinions and views.

in doing so, platforms impact the opinions of the creators consumers. recently, we have seen platforms interfere with the fields of medicine, politics, sexuality and law and order. high tech drafters of terms of service operate are able to reach beyond that of a mere religious leader. the act are able to act as gods. their actions are beyond censorship. their intent is control thought and behavior.

the high tech religion and its leaders have already failed. the churches of “tos” corrupted an american presidential election, corrupted a well reasoned response to a pandemic, and it has corrupted honest debate about human sexuality.

in sum, given this track records, platforms must work towards resolving this serious problem. there are dangers when they simply get matters wrong. the are dangers when they are corrupted by money or insane ideology. to steal a line from a famous movie title, the “tos” god must be crazy!

be well!!

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