Marxism vs. Marxism: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

manufacturing who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed is essential marxism. a recent new york times editor’s outburst revealed the paper’s conflict with the trans movement. the dailymail suggested that paper was reacting to “woke.” is it possible that the paper returned to some sense of old fashion normality? or, is this simply an exercise as to when marxists are at conflict with each other.

in order to analyze this matter under a marxism ideology, we should first explore the foundational question. who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed? for this, we need not explore the ideology of the trans movement or that of the ny times. we can see from afar that the trans movement, in this conflict, is the oppressor. with a long list of hollywood names on a letter, they are attacking a newspaper’s first amendment rights. the new york times can be viewed as the oppressed. power is being exerted over them. they are being attacked. again, without even looking into ideology, one can see that the trans movement wields significant power. the movement has the ability and means to destroy or vanquish those who stand in their way. the trans movement has strong white house connections and support. the trans movement has strong medical institution connections and support. the trans movement has strong educational institution support. the trans movement has strong local politics support. the trans movement has strong business support.

with this in mind, we must also understand that the new york times serves as the arbiter of who is the oppressor and who is the oppressed. this is how the ny times maintains power. their power is that they get to tell their readers as to who is the “oppressor” and who is the “oppressed.” thus, the ny times have come to the realization than the trans movement may in fact be more powerful than the ny times. with power, there is the ability to oppress others. thus, one can speculate that the ny times recognizes, that in relation to the paper, the trans movement is now the oppressor.

as such, with the marxism universe, is there a realization that the designations of oppressors and oppressed need to be re-balanced? is it that the ny times perceives the trans movement as a threat to their marxist power of being a key influencer as which segments of society will receive which label?

in sum, one can surmise that the ny times’ conflict should not be recognized as a realization of what is best for society. rather, we are watching marxism vs. marxism being played out in real time. in the end, “follow the power” is perhaps the best way of understanding the socialist universe.

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