Class Lesson: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

politicians, school districts, school administrators, teachers and parents are incapable of understanding modern students’ mindsets. these children experienced false narratives in real time. they have been lied to and coerced and they know it.

in the greater landscape, these children faced a college admissions system long broken. at one point in time, perfect grade point averages were 4.0. then, 5.0s emerged. the competitiveness to land into a great college means perfection. children cannot take a chance in anything less. this is in contrast to their parents for whose admission requirements which less demanding. ucla admissions were about a 3.5 gpa when i attended. i, like those who graduated at my time, could take a bad grade and absorb it with no detriment. presently, this is not necessarily the case.

thus, the following story should be appreciated in the context of the current state of education. one bad grade makes a difference.

at the hayward public school district in northern california. there is a school board meeting recording discussing the problem of a renegade teacher who took his class down a pro-nazi rabbit hole. students were forced to study controversial material and, from time to time, get a “heil hitler” salute from the teacher.

one student spoke as to the fact that he had taken the teacher for a class two years prior. he, however indicated that he was silent about the instructor’s conduct because he was concerned about getting a good grade. his courage to speak up after the fact was commendable. note: this student’s silence was acceptable. being in a coercive education program, he would have received no favor and only detriment for being a whistleblower.

one must appreciate that government organizations do not react kindly towards whistleblowers. these individuals expose the incompetence and corruption within the institutions. in this instance, they exposed how real racism and anti-semitism can easily be taught under the watch of an incompetent school district and administration. it revealed how the state college system can graduate and qualify someone who may have been questionable from the onset.

this story is the cautionary tale of ethnic studies being taught in public school. haters will be the teachers.

per the reporting from the northern california jewish news paper, j, a tenth grade english class teacher offered up the following material to his students: “the hidden tyranny,” a 42-page document published by a group called the new christian crusade church, purports to expose jewish secrets for world domination through manipulation of u.s. political leaders. its subtitle in part is the “satanic power which promotes and directs chaos in order to lay low all civilization in preparation for a well-outlined plan for world dictatorship.”

this teacher was not a neo-nazi, however. he was african american man and appeared to hold many hebrew israelite beliefs. here is the link to the pertinent article.

j weekly’s reported of another brave student. at a school board hearing it was reported that senior ruchita verma noted that while she hadn’t “been directly affected by the issue, but she told the board she feels the behavior is unacceptable. she’s stepped in to help students organize, take notes on bens’ [the teacher] behavior and advocate at the district level. “the situation, it’s not getting any better, it’s still escalating,” she told J. “just last week, a lot of students came forward and told teachers and peers that he’s still doing ‘heil hitler,’ …”
Another student, currently a senior, said he’d seen the same kind of behavior two years ago when he took the same class. “i ignored what he said then,” he told the board. “i’m not going to ignore it [when he’s] saying the same anti-Jewish hateful conspiracies i heard from him then.”

after the publicity only did the public school board and administrators act. the teacher has been placed on leave.

the bottom line is that this episode revealed the lack accountability with public schools. the school administrators responsible for this teacher should be fired, the school board members should resign, and the state of california should launch an investigation as to the incompetence which exists within this district. these items will likely not occur. incidents such as this should be not taken in isolation. it is likely part of a wider variety of neglect that the children in this district are being denied a proper education. one could only imagine that california officials are trying ever so hard to prevent the pandora’s box created by this event from opening and revealing the statewide public education problems that are impacting children.

in sum, a bright light has been shined onto the california’s corrupt public education system thanks to, some brave students and faculty.

be well!!

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