Is This Who You Are? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in israel, judicial reform law debate has devolved into political antics seen in the united states. many left leaning american jews, against the elected israeli government, have openly opposed the governmental change. undoubtedly, they have contributed to the israeli political discord. there have been some reports that the biden adminstration is also participating in what is arguably “election interference.” for those concerned with history, israel did hold an election and the leftist parties lost.

during this ongoing debate, normal people would proclaim that the unthinkable occurred. those with leftist ideology, however, would see the event as a “business as usual” tactic. this tactics range from immoral conduct, the sanctioning of perjury, to the disrespect of history.

in israel history, there is a netanyahu who is not part of the current israeli government. at age 30, he passed away long before his brother, benjamin netanyahu, took office as prime minister. he, mr. yoni netanyahu, died while taking part of a heroic mission to save jews. he went on a mission to save jews who were held hostage. mr. netanyahu, when taking on the mission as its leader, was not concerned over their religious affiliation or their gender identity. he risked and gave up his life to save those who perhaps hate his brother politically.

nentanyahu’s military operation took place at the entebbe airport. jewish hostages has been taken and the plane landed in uganda. there, dictator idi amin, no friend to israel, allowed the terrorists safe harbor. in response, the israeli military engaged in one of the most risky operations. they secretly flew into the hostile country and miraculously saved almost all of the hostages. the only military casualty was yoni netanyahu.

a rational person can only conclude that yoni netanyahu is a hero for all jewish people. lefist individuals, however, think otherwise. they equate this hero with his brother. they perhaps take offense that benjamin netanyahu may have expressed some pride over his family’s sacrifice to the nation. although leftists have no respect for history, mr. yoni netanyahu is a stand alone hero deserving of their respect.

during the recent political strife, yoni netanyahu’s grave on mt. herzl was desecrated by vandals. one must logically conclude that this was an act of leftism. “what type of people vandalize the grave of national hero?” leftist american jews know the answer.

this post is not intended to express an opinion as to the judicial reform act, rather it is to point out leftism’s tactics which pollute decency within a society. leftists turn to revolting conduct due to their losing a fair election. leftists would condemn, if the shoe were on the other food, would condemn the right as being essentially “election deniers.” leftism is about never losing- it is totalitarianism.

in the end, i would hope that leftist leaning rabbis across america stand in front of their congregations and outright condemn the desecration of this hero’s grave. someone who is truly respectful of human life would.

be well!!

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