The 10 Mitzvot: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

chabad’s rebbe menachem schneerson confronted a challenge. while moses formed the children of israel into a cohesive nation with the delivery and teaching of the ten commandments and torah, the rebbe tasked himself to engineer judaism’s continuation at a most complex time in history. societal factors such as assimilation and extermination were the existential challenges. the re-establishment of a modern state of israel, as well, was transformative to those holding a jewish identity.

armed with the ten commandments and torah, the rebbe crafted a ten point plan to promote jewish awareness and observance. this program began in the 60’s and 70’s and continues to this day. he made the concept of fulfilling mitzvot, or commandments, public fare. he believed that the fulfillment of one mitzvah or deed could tip the scales for the betterment of the world.

thus, the rebbe focused on ten particular “beginner’s mitzvot” for this endeavor. these acts include lighting shabbat candles, wearing tefillin, placing a mezuzah on the door posts of homes, daily study of the torah, giving to charity on a daily basis, filling ones home with holy books, keeping kosher, loving your fellow as yourself, providing for a jewish education to address issues of integrity, identity and future, and observing family purity. he then took the mitzvahs to the street. h and his followers embarked on a tremendous outreach program which continues to present.

with these principles, his vision, and loyal followers, his organization took on a “starbuck’s” ever present-like quality. wherever you go on the planet, and are thinking about some assist with religious practice, there is a likelihood that chabad facility is nearby. since the, chabad’s internet presence provides great support. their websites containing extensive information and ready access to both scripture and scholarly works.

in sum, an interesting discussion topic is to how the ten mitzvot are connected to the ten commandments. please feel free to comment upon this query.

be well!!

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