A Song Fit For A King: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

if a poll was conducted, jewish children and many congregants would mostly likely select the singing of the poem “adon olam” as their favorite part religious services. while the song is beautiful, the sheer fact that this liturgy- praising the master of the universe-signifies the service’s conclusion makes it the winner. as such, congregants, with much ruach or spirit, blast out one of its almost infinite melodies. the song, of mysterious authorship, through the centuries, has traversed the four corners of the planet. wherever the song has been sung, communities and cultures have taken license to add unique melodies.

in england, king charles’ coronation this week will introduce the latest version of adon olam. the portnoy brothers along with a youth choir are set to perform this new iteration to celebrate the new king. this new melody will likely become universal. the significance of it being tied to an actual king’s coronation will be remembered. beyond the song, the presence of the holy land will be felt at the coronation. oil from israel’s mount of olives, will be used to anoint the king. this tradition dates back to the biblical kings such as saul, david and solomon.

below is the link to the youtube version of this song for you to enjoy.

be well!!

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