Is Biology Triggering? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

this post’s picture is of a mother and father goose with raising their goslings. is this triggering? does this biological reality offend? should pictures like this be prohibited from display at schools?

there are enigmas attached to political correctness and the concept of triggering, sometimes, there are bigger pictures involved. mother’s and father’s day have begun their slow death march out of existence as it is reported that a school is cancelling mother’s and father’s day event out of fear of exposing students to a triggering situation as there are some children with non-traditional families. [note: can people from traditional families be triggered by being exposed to non-traditional family structures?] should any success at the dispatching of these holidays be accredited to something else?

mother’s day’s history best makes the argument for its derision. ms. anna jarvis, the creator of the holiday, eventually came despise the holiday over its commercialization. she reportedly spent the latter part of her life trying to remove it from the calendar. capitalism and consumerism often can ruin something meaningful. one need only look at how thanksgiving is increasingly under attack. thanksgiving thursdays, which used to be a time when only a market or two would remain open for last minute holiday needs, is increasing being a time for more shopping.

the overreaching consumerism into mother’s and father’s day irks many from all walks of life. even children from traditional families- forced to think of someone other than themselves- hate to their way and purchase something that may or may not please their parents. some children, even from traditional families, with nightmarish upbringings, see this events as the annual re-opening of an non healing permanent wound. for those who have lost a parent, these holidays serve as an additional moment of grief and loss beyond the anniversary.

as such, these holidays, overall, even for non-traditional families, are problematic and triggering for many.

as such, a deeper inquiry is necessary. should the biological fact that one has a parent, either a mother and father, be triggering towards others. is this something that society must protect individuals from? this question leads this writer to wonder as to whether mentioning the ten commandments’ provision to honor one’s mother and father is something that would be viewed as triggering, offensive and worthy of being censored? this question, if a texas law allowing for public display of the commandments in public school is executed, may be the subject to debate. irrespective of any religious objection, are there individuals who will consider students passing by such a display that tells children to honor their mothers and fathers to be a triggering moment?

in contrast to mother’s and father’s day, the ten commandments’ provision to honor one’s parents goes beyond the concept of celebrating one’s mother and father. consumerism is not part of it. rather, honoring one’s parents, arguably, does not even require one to celebrate their parents. children can honor their parents by living their lives as a decent person. parents are honored when a child lives a life filled with morals and values. to do so requires no greeting cards, flowers or tacky gifts. given these facts, would the call to “honor one’s mother and father” be offensive?

in sum, this exercise is one of the many examples of how social engineering conflicts with the biological realities. further, it also exposes the nature and extent how consumerism may play as the actual trigger to many societal woes.

be well!!

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