The “The” Truth: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

mr. george soros engages in both social and politician activism as a personal choice. his personal decision, with his wealth and influence, has negatively impacted many other’s lives. the individuals have as much right to express their displeasure with respect to mr. soros as he gets to spew it out all over the world. residents in many cities across america have their lifestyles destroyed by his district attorney activism. people have been murdered, robbed, and traumatized as collateral damage in the advancement of the soros agenda for an open society. why are jewish community leaders defending and protecting mr. soros? should he be immune from well deserved criticism?

recently, mr. elon musk’s comments on soros set off the new round of jewish groups on the attack mode raising an arguably “false flag” of anti-semitism. often, they argue that social media explodes with anti-semitic comments after mr. soros gets a zinger thrown his way.

shortly after the adl and the ajc stepped out to defend soros, an israeli government official and columnist caroline glick weighed into the matter.

first, it would appear that israel thinks that mr. musk is awesome. an israeli leader amichai chili tweeted “as israel’s [diaspora] minister who’s entrusted on combating anti-semitism, i would like to clarify that the israeli government and the vast majority of israeli citizens see elon musk as an amazing entrepreneur and a role model.”

jns columnist caroline glick’s article makes a strong argument that soros in fact promotes an anti-semitic agenda. she points out that he is an individual who seeks to divide the jewish community. his advocacy promotes hatred of israel. she notes that the “soros’s open society foundations have given tens of millions of dollars to non-governmental organizations involved in waging political warfare and lawfare against israel.” she noted that “soros has spearheaded and funds organizations whose job is to drive a wedge through the american jewish community. ” ms. glick’s column is backed with detailed facts to make these assertions.

with all this in mind, we must wonder why jewish organization’s continue to rally in mr. soros’ defense? while the soros name may cause spikes in anti-semitic statements, the defense of him likewise promotes hatred as well. the jewish leaders must accept the fact that every human being on this planet has the right to express disdain over his extreme ideology which he is promoting throughout the world.

these jewish organizations- ajc and adl-rather than attacking others, should simply make this statement. “every individual has the right to express negative opinions about george soros. please, however, leave “the” jews out of it.”

be well!!

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