The Psychic Cat’s Old & Obvious Take: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

uber’s diversity equity & inclusion officer perhaps [most likely not] read the psychic cat’s post on how karenism was simply hatred in new packaging. the purfect post’s point was that people should be judged by their conduct as opposed to appearance. this officer produced a program called “don’t call me karen.” “karen”, as described by fox news, is a term depicting white women as being entitled and open to calling authorities on black people. for many, “karen” evokes the memory of emmett till, an african american teenager who, after wrongfully accused of offending a white woman, was tortured and lynched. his death was compounded by an acquittal his accused murderers. this particular false accusation created both a historical and generational psychic wound.

those hearing the “karen” lecture were reportedly not happy. apparently, they did not like that the term “karen” is now perceived as being derogatory. also, there were those in the class who apparently did not like the fact that they were being lectured over the concerns of white people. [apparently, some uber employees don’t appreciate that some of their customers are white females.]

the intolerant woke world enjoys loves making up names. sometimes, however, names or words – when unleashed into the world of discourse- take a life of its own and are transformed by their users. the woke no long owns “karen.” rather, the term took on a derogatory nature and boomeranged back into their laps. “karen”, as a slight has become a universal descriptor. “asian” karens, “black” karens, and even “male” karens now make news headlines and social media posts. the word now connotes an individual who blows up a minor situation and, as part of it, calls upon authorities. it has become distanced from its powerful message to something far less. is it now a mere insult?

in a recent case, the word “karen”, ironically, may be transformed to connote a white woman being falsely accused of being a “karen”. this assertion is in reference to a new york city incident in which both media and social media immediately went into full “karen” accusation mode- including demands to literally destroy a woman’s life and reputation- only to be humiliated when she was in fact the one that had been victimized. crying wolf has consequences.

in sum, while the word has transformed, when it is directed at a “white woman”, the implication is that it is offensive. recently, it was employed as a rallying call to recklessly and maliciously destroy an individual’s life and reputation. certainly, those concerned with dei, if they had good intentions, would recognize this problem. as much as “karen” has devolved into a common saying, it has also become weaponized. this weaponization should be a concern for businesses wary of civil litigation.

be well!!

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