When Love and Compassion Isn’t: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

what is love? haddaway the media accounts of the houston school shooter are extremely troublesome. according to the reports, he was bullied and robbed in part because other students were jealous of him and he had nice possessions. he is charged with three counts aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. he shot three people withContinue reading “When Love and Compassion Isn’t: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

The Grand-Monster: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

our late grandfather was scary. large, silent, and serious, an old country russian with piercing eyes. he communicated with fear. i have no personal recollection of him speaking. he was grandpa sam. the legends of him a mixed bag. as a cobbler, he made his fame chasing down a thief who had stolen a pairContinue reading “The Grand-Monster: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”