Lies to Punish Bad Behavior: An Un-Kosher Tale of Upset, Ignorance and Lies

i was showed a viral video of a man with his family in a breakfast establishment. i am making my observation on what i could make out so it is with reservation. it appeared that he went on a profane diatribe because he was upset over the food that had been delivered to his table. his family had at least one young child. the staff assisting him and possibly the manager appeared calm and stood there.

the person showing me the video told me that they found out where the person worked and proceeded to go on a social media site and post negative reviews and drove the businesses ranking down severely.

i asked the person as to why he was upset. he told me that it was because the bacon he was served was under-cooked. to the shock of the person who showed me the video, i told him that although his profanity may have been uncalled for, he was absolutely right and he was completely justified to be angry and upset at what happened. i told him that the restaurant should have thanked him for what he did. the person was in disbelief as to my commentary. he must of thought that i was crazy.

as a jew who was raised in a kosher household, we were fed the anti-pork propaganda and am well of the fact that under-cooked pork is a health hazard. to prove my point, i went onto the centers for disease control website which had a significant article concerning under-cooked pork. it indicated that under-cooked pork it could make someone sick for up to 6 weeks. it is further possible that it could result in death.

in sum, serving under-cooked pork products is a big mistake. had i owned the establishment and was aware of the problem, i would have stopped service immediately and conducted an immediate staff meeting concerning the problem to make sure that all staff members were aware of the problem. i would have been as upset as the customer! possibly profane to my staff as the gravity of the problem concerned the health of the customers!

in sum, he had a valid point. but to those who viewed him as being profane and wishing to punish him, they chose to destroy his business with lies.

lies have the power to destroy people. for what? should he have apologized for being profane? yes. was his upset completely justified? yes. if he did not catch the improperly prepared food, his family could have had severe medical problems. in fact, he helped the restaurant in preventing that from happening. he should have been thanked profusely.

in sum, be a better person. don’t lie. further, if you know more about the situation, you actually may change your opinion. there was a way of handling this matter in a decent way, an apology all around. lies served no purpose.

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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