The Ten Commandments in a Post-Logic Society

do people think? do we have a society that can employ logic? in our modern society, this problem has gotten greater. a large segment of our society has compromised their ability to think. there are many drugs, both prescription and recreational, which compromise an individual’s ability to think. the inability to think translates into inability to apply logic.

likewise, parallel with the drug use is mental health which may be either non-substance abuse related or natural. there are a number of individuals within society in which their mental health status compromises their ability to think. again, when ability to think is compromised, there is the inability to apply logic.

further, we have various programming via technology which can impact thinking and logic by manipulation. the term many use with respect to this manipulation is the algorithm.

the question presented is, with these problems with cognitive functioning within our society, can the employment of a moral code make an impact?

Published by biblelifestudies

I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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