Leonard Nimoy, The Savoir of Logic: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in recent years, practically every english language word has been twisted, distorted, perverted, and corrupted. with ever moving goal posts, the great re-definers have destroyed the meanings of words such as “truth.” this deception has caused medical terms such as “vaccine” to be redefined. only one word appears to remain on solid ground, “logic.” why?Continue reading “Leonard Nimoy, The Savoir of Logic: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Breaking the Broken Record: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

recitals were commonplace when my children studied violin. with a digital recorder performances were captured. eventually, a cd was burned with many pieces. while driving, i frequently listened to the cd. my daughter’s performance on a difficult piece captivated me. she played extremely well for three quarters of it. then, it happened. she struck oneContinue reading “Breaking the Broken Record: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

The Ten Commandments in a Post-Logic Society

do people think? do we have a society that can employ logic? in our modern society, this problem has gotten greater. a large segment of our society has compromised their ability to think. there are many drugs, both prescription and recreational, which compromise an individual’s ability to think. the inability to think translates into inabilityContinue reading “The Ten Commandments in a Post-Logic Society”