Leonard Nimoy, The Savoir of Logic: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

in recent years, practically every english language word has been twisted, distorted, perverted, and corrupted. with ever moving goal posts, the great re-definers have destroyed the meanings of words such as “truth.” this deception has caused medical terms such as “vaccine” to be redefined.

only one word appears to remain on solid ground, “logic.” why? mr. leonard nimoy, of course; the savior of “logic.”

with the original star trek series, mr. nimoy crafted one of the most unique characters to grace television sets. a half-human half-space alien being. a half-breed whose alien culture embraced “logic” as a way of life.

mr. nimoy’s crafting of the character, mr. spock, created a societal love affair with “logic.” mr. nimoy’s character created respect and coolness by being logical. his character maintained his unemotional logic when he was confronted with the human emotionality of other shipmates.

mr. nimoys’s son, adam, made a documentary about his father “for the love of spock.” as the movie shows, the mr. spock character is universally loved. likewise, mr. nimoy, and his subsequent endeavors, such as the “in search of” series, carried on the love affair with his scientific inquiry.

his son’s highly rated documentary also offers insight into mr. nimoy and his family. he was a hardworking and dedicated family man. he and his family struggled with the fame and fortune that one encounters when becoming an icon. mr. adam nimoy offers an honest and painful relationship with his father. their relationship, thankfully, in the end became very positive.

in both personal life and in his character, mr. leonard nimoy was simply a treasure to the world. he is and will always be the most popular representative for word “logic.”

with the word “logic” still in tact, perhaps society can employ it as a means to recover from a world that has rapidly become littered with lies, half-lies, deceptions, and propaganda. “logic” can serve as filter needed to expose the population into understanding and appreciating the truth.

in sum, with mr. nimoy’s legacy of “logic,” perhaps the world can be returned to a place where we all can “live long and proper.”

be well!!

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