Keeping Up With The Victims? A Kardashian Tale

kim kardashian’s former business manager, ms. angie kukawski, recently was tragically and brutally murdered. besides being a successful business woman, she was a mother of five.

the police have arrested a suspect, her boyfriend. as a result, the criminal justice process will begin to adjudicate this individual’s guilt or innocence. whether or not this individual is convicted is a matter of doubt. in the criminal justice system, guilt must be found at a standard of beyond a reasonable doubt.

the details of the crime are horrific. her cause of death involved sharp and blunt force injuries of the head and neck and strangulation.

without doubt, is that ms. angie kukawski will be put to rest via ceremony or funeral. without doubt, her family and loved ones will be doing so with the knowledge that her life was tragically and brutally cut short. without doubt, her family will have to deal with the often difficult task of dealing with her affairs. without doubt, the family will be living with this loss for the rest of their lives. without doubt, family members will be asked to participate in a criminal trial to provide a victim impact statements in the event of a conviction. without doubt, family members may be interested and attend the various criminal hearings to make sure that justice takes place. without doubt, family members of the victim will want to see closure.

ms. kim kardashian, with her fame and ability to gain media attention, has acted as an advocate for criminals within the justice system. among her efforts, she has sought sentence reductions for certain individuals.

with this recent tragedy, will a new chapter or series be taken on by ms. kardashian? “keeping up with the victims?”

both ms. kardashian and her family will certainly be reaching out to ms. angela kukawski’s family. with this, she will have the opportunity to see first hand the suffering of victims and their families. perhaps, this will inspire her to take on the cause of providing aid and comfort to those, who, without doubt, are suffering from loss as a result of a violent criminal act. in the end, this effort would allow her to continue to extend her 15 minutes of fame that she has so brilliantly translated to both a career and industry.

in sum, celebrities who offer themselves as a voice to those accused or wrongly convicted or sentenced, should also consider taking up the voice of the victims and their families. perhaps, this tragic incident will serve as a wake up call.

be well!!

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