A Year End Review: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

i would like to express my gratitude to the blog readers.

educational, informative, meaningful, inspiring, and practical posts have been the goal. with that, each view, like and follow has offered insight and direction towards further content.

for those who never believed the addage that history repeats itself, the year 2021, is proof that the phrase’s author was both brilliant and wise.

2021, served as the moment where micro phemonena has been translated to macro phenomena with tragic consequences.

the medical professionals, during my three decades of interaction with them, have been free to offer dictates beyond their role. in my law practice, throughout the decades, mental health evaluators, and other medical professionals, have expressed their medical opinions to workers that they are emotionally incapable of performing their current job. as a result, workers ended up losing their long term and well paying jobs. as a result, many were left on the street without having the means or ability to earn their past income. this action devastated these individual’s families. the medical professionals could not see beyond their professions. they believed that they were gods. in fact, they were gods suffering from myopia.

in my practice, to counter these opinions, i advised my clients to ask the medical professional rendering the career ending decision the following question: if i lose my job, will you make my house payments, pay my car insurance, pay for my kid’s college education….? these medical providers could never answer this question in the affirmative.

in these circumstances, i advised my clients to weight the consequences of losing their job versus the risks to their health and well being. likewise, we discussed the health risks of losing one’s job. in the end, i left it to my clients to make their own informed decision.

the pandemic has brought this myopic medical mentality into the field of public health. they fail to weigh the costs and benefits of lockdowns and other limitations. as a result, the population has suffered. lives have been destroyed. while this has occurred, these so-called experts remain as advisers even though they are getting everything wrong. politicians embrace these discredited medical experts so that they can maintain emergency powers to govern without debate or dissent.

in the end of 2021, the public, despite big tech censorship, is learning the truth and understanding how to manage the risk. each individual can take personal responsibility to manage their medical care and stay home if they are sick. they are seeking medical attention discouraged from the mainstream and it has has cured them. the “kitchen sink” will likely be a medical term used for treating covid-19, thanks to top podcaster joe rogan.

2021 is the year of big tech censorship. the so called smart people are not that smart. they often seek out and find the worst imaginable people to be the basis for truth. their censorship is so deceiptful that they have falsely labeled it as “fact checking.” recently, an inventor of mrna technology used for the vaccine has been removed from twitter.

2021, has been a wake up call to the fact that moral and values as laid out by the torah and the ten commandments are needed more than ever. politicians lacking the value of these moral laws have created lax laws. these lax laws and failed law enforcement has led to the re-emergence of brazen crime. these leaders lacking appreciation biblical morals and values have been humiliated by their attempts to re-imagine law enforcement.

2021, has been the year where the cracks are showing with respect to the public’s perception and respect of government. unprecendented totalitarianism is being met with non-compliance and defiance. some governments, to save face, are slowly rolling back rules that are not protecting the public.

2021, has been a year when the leader of the free world has been perhaps the most uncaring and unsympathetic elected representative ever. he has abandoned americans in afganistan and has offered a long cold winter for those who do not wish to follow his edicts. he has created a mutual hate-hate relationship with his population. his hatred of the people have been met with epithets such as “let’s go brandon.” he is an individual who only cares about his “friends.” after all, he bragged about getting one of his friends placed ahead of the queue when seeking emergency medical treament.

2021, as every year since moses came down from mt. sinai, is a year in which humanity had the opportunity to read, debate, and employ god’s words that are intended to make this a better world. for this, i am enternally greatful for those over the millenium who have ensured that this treasured text remains available for public consumption.

have a happy new year!!

be well!!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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