Breaking One Commandment Leads To Another: Looting and its Ugly Consequences: A Message to Our Leaders

in 2020, there are individuals and groups who believe that rioting and looting is some acceptable form of expression. looting is stealing. stealing is in violation of the ten commandments. the stealing alone is not only the problem. when individuals engage in looting. there are greater consequences that can occur.

there was video on the internet which showed a drug store being looted and everything being taken. this included prescription drugs. prescription drugs can be life saving and life preserving. the failure of an individual taking their prescription drugs can be catastrophic. the failure of an individual to take their medications can lead to death or shortened life expectancy.

in sum, a potential consequence of looting is death of individuals whose only act was to fill their prescriptions at a particular drug store. it can be argued that this intentional looting led to the deprivation of medications. thus, the looting resulted in death of the infirmed individual. this is arguable an act or murder. yes. murder. yes. in this circumstances, the looters should be considered murderers.

should one’s alleged act of self-expression justify both stealing and possibly murder? the ten commandments simply lays out prohibitions of stealing and murder. looting is simply wrong.

there are so-called leaders who appear to endorse looting. they make excuses and try to justify it. some have argued that “need” for the item is an excuse. if that person took the medication from the rightful purchaser who had the prescription, isn’t there a problem? what about the need of that person?

to these leaders, i say “for the times they are a-changin.'” the times changed thousands of years ago when the ten commandments were provided to humanity. these leaders are taking our society back to a lawless world. we shouldn’t have to go there.

first, i offer my apologies to bob dylan who wrote the fantastic song, “the times they are a’ changing.” I wish to argue that there was an earlier revolution that was thousands of years ago. it can be argued that the old road that had rapidly aged is truly the lack of the recognition of individuals as individuals as the ten commandments propounds. the ten commandments lays the foundation that we are all from same creator and are entitled to certain rights. to leaders who wish to maintain the lawlessness of the pre-ten commandments, please get out of the new road for the times have changed.

so-called leaders and looters say that insurance will cover the losses. should the looting resulted in an individual’s death, is there is amount of money that can compensate for that?

if you are someone who wishes to go out and loot, i ask you to think long and hard about it and its consequences. the consequences can be catastrophic. please think of other ways to express yourself.

to those leaders who are condone theft, please get out of the way. the times changed thousands of years ago. every individual, every god’s child, is entitled live their life and to be protected from theft and murder.

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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