Awaken the Moral Giant Within

tony robbins wrote the book “awaken the giant within.” this book has been one of the most influential books i have read in my life. essentially, it provides tools for one to achieve. many of my successes in life are due to employing his approach. in fact, my decision to create this blog is founded on his approach.

mr. robbins, in his book, asks individuals to look into various aspects of their life. he then asks the individuals to choose attainable goals with respect to those aspects. he then provides tools for the individuals to reach those goals. essentially, choose an attainable goal and everyday make incremental steps towards achieving that goal.

an area of one’s life that always has room for improvement is one’s moral conduct. the ten commandments provides for tools and directions how one can improve their moral conduct.

perhaps, one can take a commandment or two or all ten and ask oneself as to how they can morally improve themselves with that commandment.


honor thy mother and father: for this year, take action to improve relations with your parent. call them more. engage in activities with them. for those without parents, engage with an elderly person in need.

the first commandment: for this year, start to recognize we all come from the same creator. make efforts to see every person as an individual. while we may see people as groups, we should make the effort to see each individual as a special person who has their own needs. this can be done by engaging in conversation with others to gain better understanding.

for example, i had a client who was literally afraid of me because of my race. i didn’t know it at the time. during that time, we spent a lot of time together and engaged in non-business conversation and shared many common interests. our interactions somehow dispelled his fears about race. i was a person just like him. he also opened my eyes into understanding the fear that other people may harbor towards other individuals. as individuals, we build walls that prevent positive interactions. i am grateful for his candor. he changed me as a person.

the sabbath: for this year, try to make the six days of work and creation leading up to the sabbath more productive. likewise, try to make the sabbath a more meaningful day of rest. perhaps, spend more time with family and friends. with this, you can perhaps cross-over into another commandment and spend time with your parents.

again, everyday we can do something more to improve ourselves. a little something everyday can make you into a moral giant! (lol) challenge yourself to be a better person everyday! it is a never ending struggle that never ends. be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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