Second Chances, Atonement: the Ten Commandments Back Story

the story of the ten commandments is almost as important as the ten commandments itself. it is a story of second chances and atonement.

the ten commandments back story is that of a people who were freed from slavery and acclimated to a foreign culture and religion. despite miracles and being set free, they lacked faith in their redeemer, god. faced with freedom, the unknown, and the need to journey to their promised land, they stumbled greatly. this stumbling culminated with the infamous “golden calf” incident in which they essentially turned their backs on god and sought idol worship. as a result, god was so angry that he wished to annihilate them. moses, however, convinced him otherwise. the children of israel would be given a second chance. the result of this incident was that one set of the ten commandments was broken and a second set made.

in sum, god believes in second chances. so should you. at times, we all need a second chance to right things in our lives. we all make mistakes. you only need to look at your computer keyboard. there is a “delete” button.

the challenge is “how serious will you take your second chances?” ” are you committed to righting your ship?” this is a challenge of your personal strength. there is no school, no government, and no person that can make this happen for you. it is all about you, the individual. can you seek help or assistance? sure. however, in the end, it is all about you being the best person you can be.

the end of the jewish new year is approaching in 2020, with yom kippur, the day of atonement is coming up. the ten commandments’ story includes the concept of atonement. in exodus 32:30, moses attempts to seek atonement for the sins of the people in connection with the golden calf incident. in sum, moses, the person with mostly likely the most intimate relationship with god ever, believed that atonement was a means of addressing sin for one’s mistakes. again, the ten commandments story illustrates the notion that atonement is part of one’s attempt to have a second chance.

in sum, most of us will go through life and make mistakes. we all need second chances. while second changes are specifically written into the ten commandments, the back story is all about them. every day you can be a better you!

be well.

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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