Power Ranking the Ten Commandments

many sports websites love to “power rank” teams and place them in order. these ranking orders have nothing to do with how the teams will actually place in the “win/loss” columns. rather, it is an entertaining analysis. why not power rank the ten commandments? a top ten of the ten.

after consideration, the sabbath commandment ranks as #1 in power ranking.

the following is the reason: as humans, we move through time, we move through the seven days of a week. when we move through the seven days, there will always be a seventh day. there will always be a sabbath. whether we wish to celebrate or not, we are afforded the opportunity to reflect and the decide. every week, we are constantly reminded of the sabbath. it is inescapable.

taking it on a religious perspective, it is a continuing opportunity to take part in holiness on a weekly basis.

in sum, the sabbath commandment carries with it the opportunity for one to start anew every week. a second chance to work on one’s self and one’s relations. a chance to take a day to rest and reflect.

there are those who may not be able to take a day off for a variety of reasons. if you are in this situation, you can at least start by remembering it is your day of rest and take a moment off to reflect. perhaps, over time you may be a situation where you will be able to take the time off from work to celebrate. again, for this, you will be reminded of that opportunity every week not matter what.

be well.

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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