The TGIF Commandment: A Contemporary Statement and Commentary

only one of the ten commandments have been honored with a contemporary abbreviated saying.

when people text, email or write “tgif,” do they understand that they are acknowledging and possibly partaking in one of the ten commandments?

songs, a restaurant, and a movie have all used this term. in writing this blog post, i went to wikipedia to find what they stated. It states that “thank god it’s friday is a common expression in English speaking Western countries. It expresses gratification that the working week is nearly over, and a weekend of leisure will soon be here.”

it is quite interesting that there is no mention as to why this “gratification” is made. there is no mention of the term sabbath. it is completely devoid of the fact that one of ten commandments is the enactment of the sabbath. not only are we thanking god that it’s friday, but we are thanking god for making the sabbath itself. the sabbath would not be the sabbath without god. it should be noted, as documented in the torah, that god took the notion of the sabbath and a day of rest so seriously that there was a death penalty for a violation! exodus 31:15, states “six days work may be done, but on the seventh day is a sabbath of complete rest, holy to the Lord; whoever performs work on the sabbath day shall be put to death.”

one must wonder whether the concept of a sabbath would have continued from issuance of the ten commandments to present if god was not so serious about it. in light of that, we certainly must say tgif or thank god it’s friday. there would be no leisure day on a weekly basis without him. we should all make our week productive, take our sabbaths off, and thank god for our time off to rest and reflect.

be well! enjoy your sabbath.

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