God’s Algorithm vs. Silicon Valley’s Algorithm

silicon valley giant, alphabet, which operates google, has a corporate code of conduct of “don’t be evil.” google doodles, which is the art work when you are at a search engine page, has a policy that “google has acknowledged this as an official policy, stating in april 2018 that they “don’t have doodles for religious holidays”, according to “current Doodle guidelines.” google further explained that doodles may appear for some “non-religious celebrations that have grown out of religious holidays”, citing Valentine’s Day (Christianity), Holi (Hinduism), and Tu B’Av (Judaism) as examples, but that the company does not include “religious imagery or symbolism” as part of those doodles.[wikipedia. putting these two things together, excluding religion from the common culture is part of the google’s algorithm. google must believe that religion is evil and by excluding religion they are delivering on “doing no evil.” in excluding religion, they are essentially marginalizing god. for believers, god the moral authority of the universe. to that degree, google “do not evil” is also an attack on morals.

god, however, has a far better algorithm. god has analyzed humanity from its very inception. he has seen the flaws, the ugliness, and the goodness that is contained within it. he has partnered with upstanding humans to move society in to a better place. his algorithm is about “making life good for everyone” and “making sure than humans take care of others in need.” his algorithm is about “making individual responsible for their actions. part of this algorithm. the ten commandments and the bible certainly provide more information and guidance into life than any “google search” would reveal.

according to merriam-webster, an algorithm is” a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end.” what is google’s end if they are marginalizing religion and essentially god? a moral universe? with no absolute authority, whose morals? whose decisions? the people that work for google?

god shaped moral laws based upon what was observed. it is all documented in the bible. disobedience, murder, coveting, robbery, slavery, and belief in false gods all shaped the algorithm. he created the torah as the master algorithm to allow for the best of human conduct.

promotion of the ten commandments, along with the bible is of upmost import. google, one of the largest internet companies, by its doodle policy, intentionally refrains from telling individuals when important holidays such as shavuot occurs. this is the jewish holiday that celebrates the receiving of the ten commandments. so, it is incumbent for all those who believe the importance of the values of the ten commandments to spread the word.

sorry silicon valley, god provided the world the greatest algorithm of them all.

be well!

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I am a practicing lawyer and long term admirer of the bible

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