YouTube Is Terrifying: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

don’t be evil?…do the right thing? google supreme justice oliver wendell holmes famously opined that “the most stringent protection of free speech would not protect a man in falsely shouting fire in a theatre and causing a panic.” schenck v. united states, 249 U.S. 47 (1919.) since 1919, the united states have encountered many panicContinue reading “YouTube Is Terrifying: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

A World Without Discourse, A Must Read: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

nobody’s voice should be suppressed us vice president kamala harris to understand the problem in context, i share with you three stories. first, in my occupation, i have been blessed to interact with some brilliant doctors. one of them, a shoulder specialist, imparted upon me the following wisdom: he said that one great surgery oftenContinue reading “A World Without Discourse, A Must Read: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

Searching For Good: A Ten Commandments’ Story

there is nothing new under the sun ecclesiastes – Chapter 1:9 my old backyard was filled with matured fruit trees. they had been there years. persimmons, figs, tangerines, and avocados were aplenty. the word got out. the backyard became the unofficial salad bar for the neighborhood wildlife. during the day and night, they all tookContinue reading “Searching For Good: A Ten Commandments’ Story”

How To Be Good When You Are Supposed To Be No Evil: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

google famously has a philosophy of “don’t be evil.” the philosophy is most interesting in the google acknowledges the fact that there is evil in this world. the philosophy begs the question: “who is to be good?” and “what is to be good?” judeo-christian values the golden rule. there are a variety of these formulations.Continue reading “How To Be Good When You Are Supposed To Be No Evil: A Ten Commandments’ Tale”

America’s (Two) Social Commandments

currently in america, if one wishes to deride or destroy an individual, they are instantly called “racist and sexist.” there may be the only two things that matter in the american “social world.” “social” is the operative term as opposed to “criminal.” the two commandments are (1) “though shall not be a racist” and (2)Continue reading “America’s (Two) Social Commandments”

God’s Algorithm vs. Silicon Valley’s Algorithm

silicon valley giant, alphabet, which operates google, has a corporate code of conduct of “don’t be evil.” google doodles, which is the art work when you are at a search engine page, has a policy that “google has acknowledged this as an official policy, stating in april 2018 that they “don’t have doodles for religiousContinue reading “God’s Algorithm vs. Silicon Valley’s Algorithm”