Is Censorship Alive and Well On Google Searches? A Ten Commandments’ Tale

with a background that includes computer programming, i pride myself searching efficiently and effectively on a variety of search engines. professionally, i make a living finding obscure cases and aspects of law.

in researching my last post, it appears that the google search engine censored the results. i went to get a link for my post. to do so, i cut and pasted a paragraph from the source i was seeking. it didn’t come up in the top results. i had always found this approach to give me the exact document at the top of searches. to my suprise, this tried and true technique of finding a webpage did not yield the result i thought it would. rather, the results were the exact opposite of what i sought. i sought a supreme court brief that was pro-life. instead, the results that were pro-choice. i was shocked that google, in its greatness, did not pull up the supreme court document as a first choice.

if the various search results that i did to obtain the brief were being manipulated, as i would like hypothesize, it represents a dangerous trend in censorship. censoring and not allowing seachers to find a legal document filed in the highest court in the land is disturbing.

frustrated at the results, i manipulated my search results and found a non-main stream media source which led me back to the brief. with this, i am grateful that bloggers and non-main stream media sources report on a large variety of issues and provide links.

recently, the federal government announced a pause in an alleged disinformation board in the department of homeland security. this pause occurs as the supreme court comes closer and closer to making a decision on the abortion rights case, it appears that censorship on the internet and social media may be on the rise. perhaps, the government’s disinformation board’s “so called” pause was actually disinformation. perhaps, the government is actively working to manipulate information, for some reason unknown to this reader, with respect to abortion rights. is this censorship an attempt to quash dissent? is this an attempt to identify extremists? is this an attempt to provide security for government officials, i.e. supreme court justices? if this an attempt to alter public opinion? please feel free to comment on what you think may be the intent.

in sum, this particular search has given this writer much pause as to the reliance on the google search engine as a tool. as a result, as i use other search engines, google will be losing money on ad words as i take consumption of search engine needs to other places. thus google’s alleged censorship, in the end, will be costly to all involved.

be well!!

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