Ee Lee Trial Update: A Ten Commandments’ Tale

the ee lee murder case concerns a 36 year old hmong woman who was mentally impaired who was raped and severely beaten in a milwaukee wisconsin park. she was found barely breathing and was declared brain dead. approximately 10 youths stood there while this happened. this tragic case has been wildly ignored by most media. perhaps, the subject matter is not appealing to the media. the case, raises important societal issues. the milwaukee journal sentinel, to their credit, is perhaps the only news organization that has taken an interest in the case.

the ee lee murder prosecution involves bifurcated trials. mr. kamare lewis and mr. kevin spencer each have separate trials.

in criminal cases, trials can be done on an individual basis. also, multiple defendants can be tried together. the choice of what trial to do is based upon both strategy and legal concerns. in the ee lee trial matters, it would appear that mr. kamare lewis’ testimony may be needed to convict mr. kevin spencer. therefore, if the matter were tried together, mr. lewis would be likely to take the 5th amendment against self-incrimination. his testimony may be needed should there be no dna evidence available.

previously, in the mr. kevin spencer matter, he successfully had dna evidence suppressed as evidence due to the way that the police obtained it. the prosecution, under a exception, won on a motion to obtain a new dna sample. the sample’s results have not been reported on. There is an upcoming hearing that may reveal the results and determine whether it will be admitted into evidence. the district attorney’s offices requested mr. spencer to get retested and a hearing was held on 4/29/22. the new testing was ordered for 5/2/22.

as such, the trials have moved forward. recently, mr. spencer’s case is currently set for a motion hearing on 5/26/22, and a final pre-trial on 7/28/22, with the trial to begin on 9/12/22.

be well!!

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