America’s (Two) Social Commandments

currently in america, if one wishes to deride or destroy an individual, they are instantly called “racist and sexist.”

there may be the only two things that matter in the american “social world.” “social” is the operative term as opposed to “criminal.”

the two commandments are

(1) “though shall not be a racist” and

(2) “though shall not be a sexist.”

recently, many individuals have been subjected to “social justice” for violations of these commandments.

examples of “social justice” relating to racist or sexist activities include:

a professional baseball executive who lost his job due to allegedly sending unwanted pictures of his private parts to a female.

a professional golfer who lost sponsorships for shouting out an offensive gay slur during competition.

a country music star who lost various business contracts and airplay as a result of a racial slur.

a college bound teenager who lost her spirit squad position at a university for the use of the n-word when she approximately 15 years of age.

it is important to note that these events all involved “social institutions.” businesses, media and universities do not want to be associated with individuals who have committed “social offenses.” these disassociations are understandable in most circumstances.

a company does not want to sponsor an individual who offends their customers: a media does not want to alienate viewer or listeners: and a business partner does not want associated with someone that may offend other business associates.

is there advice for those navigating through american society?

first, never use the n-word, any derogatory term with respect to women and any gender or sexual orientation. if you use the word in private or public, there may be the possibility that it could be recorded by others. never use those words in any written or electronic form. never use the words in social media.

second, never use writing or electronic communications to do flirting or dating. never send any pictures that may be viewed as inappropriate to anyone. never have pictures that may be viewed as inappropriate on any computer or phone.

this american “social justice” system is problematic, it is far from being applied fairly. like to the “animal farm,” there are some offenders that are more equal than others. recently, the us press secretary has allegations against her of making a gay slur about us senator. other individuals making such a slur, however, would be savaged by this violation. “social justice” would have been acted upon them. she, however, is a perfect example of the problematic nature of this “social justice” system. it plays favorites.

the ten commandments, however, plays no favorites. in the second book of samuel 12, the prophet nathan confronts king david with respect to allegations of adultery. david admitted that he committed a sin against the lord. he and his family was punished as a result. thus, in a torah-based society, even the most powerful as to be held accountable to the ten commandments.

be well!!

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