The Torah’s Four Words that China Fears: “Let My People Go”

the ten commandments story centers around god freeing children of israel from bondage from egypt.

since that time, nations have confronted slavery. the torah’s words were not lost on the emancipation movement in the united states harriet tubman employed a song with those famous words as part of the underground railroad.

slavery allegations have been brought concerning china’s treatment of their uighur population. uighurs are muslim and live in large populations in certain regions of china.

news agencies report that there are uighurs who are being pressured to pick cotton. it is reported that “an estimated 570,000 workers from three uighur regions were mobilized to cotton picking operations in 2018, the report found, citing online government documents.”

it was reported that “It is impossible to define where coercion ends and where local consent may begin,” wrote adrian zenz, the researcher who found the documents.”

dolkun isa, the president of the munich-based world uyghur congress, urged companies not to support china’s human rights abuses. dw

“the link between modern day slavery and the genocide itself cannot be separated,” he said. “It is not [the] correct time to do business as usual.”

it is reported reports that “china has come under intense international criticism over its policies in xinjiang, where rights groups say as many as 1 million uighurs and other mostly muslim minorities have been held in internment camps.

while the uighurs are muslim, jewish leaders have met with world uyghur congress president isa dolkun and are working to support their human rights efforts. jewishnews

many companies that western companies promote social justice messages such as nike are among those who have been alleged to be complicit with respect to the abuses. it is ironic that colin kapaernick, nike’s spokesman, and social justice advocate has been silent on the issue.

the torah’s message is clear. god hears the cries of those who are suffering from bondage. god will act upon matters of slavery and deliver individuals from bondage. as history has shown, these words serve as inspiration for humanity to act. humanity must act now.

thus, torah and ten commandments’ principles support humanity’s efforts to make inquiry and resolve of the chinese uighurs’ plight. their cries should be heard throughout the world. as it could be said to china, “let my uighurs go!”

be well!!

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