When Truth Doesn’t Matter: Welcome to The Dark Side of The Force

the twitterverse was rocked by a tweet. a popular actress made a post concerning the holocaust, the twitter-people ignited in outrage. disney cancelled her from their popular star wars tv series. her tweets were referred by some as anti-semitic. esportskeeda

let’s look at the tweet and learn.

first, let’s look at the controversial satement?


is there truth to this statement?

there was an excellent masters thesis which contained sources and analysis on the issue. bystanders, blackmailers, and perpetrators: polish complicity during the holocaust
jacob flaws iowa state university 2011.

mr. flaws cites a holocaust survivor who wrote “for every noble pole who risked all to rescue a fellow human being, there were ten scoundrels who hunted jews for a livelihood.” miriam kuperhand and saul kuperhand, shadows of treblinka (urbana: university of illinois press, 1998), 51

his analysis found that with respect to the poles, there “was active perpetration of the holocaust. this was where poles threatened, abused, or actually took the life of a jew. if not done during an act of blackmail or extortion, perpetration of the holocaust was almost always a function of anti-semitism.”

he cites a statement that “enthusiastic crowds of poles joined in the sadism; to them it was a joyous family outing. forced to sing hebrew as they walked, the jewish men sang about g-d [god] avenging their enemies. the laughing christian crowd, swigging from omnipresent bottles of wine, beer, and spirits, turned ugly when the macabre procession approached the narrow bridge spanning the river. this was a dangerous place and therefore an opportunity to revel in killing Jews. “

he documents in his thesis of poles killing jews. thesis, P. 65.

with respect to children, other survivors noted general anti-semitic hostility from polish children. one survivor noted a recurrent incident that happened in the ghetto. “some stood on the sidewalk and shouted insults at us. the polish children shouted, “filthy jews! go to the devil! dirty jews to palestine!”this happened every sunday while a group of jews marched to the showers. another survivor, who was hiding in the polish countryside, had an incident where polish children threatened to uncover a larger group of hidden jews: “just then we heard children shouting. a group of school boys came running out from among the trees. when they saw us, they began to yell, “zhyd! zhyd! („jew-boys! jew-boys!‟).” the survivor recalled that he felt almost as if the children were hunting the jews.” P. 79

finally, “although the germans sought to exploit anti-semitism in poland, the nature of anti-semitic propaganda was derivative of pre-war polish anti-semitism. government documents from the interior department of the delegates office provide some clues as to how anti-semitism increased: “the latent anti-semitism that lingers on in polish society is being exploited by german propaganda and by the underground press of various right-wing
persuasions.” in other words, it was easier for the germans to inspire anti-semitism when such a culture already existed within polish society.”

thus, let’s analyze ms. carano’s statement.

did jews get beaten on streets by their neighbor and children?

for neighbors, some went further and murdered. thus, they went beyond beating. thus, one can say there is accuracy to that statement.

the thesis notes about one episode that “what was disturbing about this violence was that it was carried out by polish peasants who were under no direct supervision from the nazis.” thesis P. 62.

for children, there may have been involved in beating of jews. there are facts from the thesis about children participating in the holocaust. there was a documented incident in which a witness saw nazi collaboration in a roundup when they “caught a glimpse of one girl, about eight years old, running behind a building. she had run out of the escorted column of jews. she didn‟t run far; a catholic teenager caught her and brought her back.”

with respect to her third statement concerning the nazi’s being the impetus towards anti-semitism for which i will say is inaccurate. pre-world war ii, anti-semitism was essentially a polish national past-time. thus, nazis exploited the underlying anti-semitism and brought it to new heights.

is there any advice to offer ms. carono about her tweets?

yes. when addressing a complicated topic is important to provide some citations to support your contentions.

is there any advice to offer those on twitter who were offended by her tweet?

yes. please be advised that her tweet was not anti-semitic. it was mostly accurate with the exception of the fact that there was underlying anti-semitism that existed. i recommend that you take yourself away from twitter instantly. please take your time away from twitter to research her tweet and the facts relating to the holocaust and whether their neighbors did in fact participate in the holocaust. after doing the research, please answer the questions as to whether it fair to people to label her tweet anti-semitic?

is there any advice to the disney/star wars production company who fired ms. carano?

yes. in light of the facts concerning her tweet, would it not have been in your best interest to take the time to understand whether or not the tweet was anti-semitic or not? could you have reached out to a holocaust organization such as the simon wiesenthal center and get some clarification before taking action against her?

be well!!

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