Chinatown’s George Floyd Moment: The Problematics of Racial Politics: It Is A Ten Commandments’ Problem

anybody watching the news has seen the video of a male african american pushing an elderly asian man from behind down to the sidewalk in a bay area chinatown. the video is powerful. countless news stories of the chinatown violence epidemic lead with that scene.

politically correct media, in many accounts, intentionally omit the alleged criminal’s race. in contrast, this same media frequently goes out of their way to identify a police officer’s race with respect to matters of alleged law enforcement misconduct.

another chinatown video shows an african american male rushing upon an asian man from behind and knocking him to the ground. the asian man is alleged to have died as a result.

the chinatown violence also include acts of crime. there were videos of african american crews robbing a store and also stealing a purse from a woman on the street.

the chinatown violence is a problem for the media and those who are in the anti-racism business. these events do not fit their narrative. as a result, the media fails to mention that the accused criminals are african americans. the absurdity of this reporting is best evidedenced by the fact that the media has reported on events between the african american community to address the problem. why would these groups get together if it was not a black-asian issue?

segments of society like to play the race blame game. the chinatown events confounds the race blamers because african americans are the perpetrators and not the victims.

prior to these chinatown incidents, if you said “asian lives matter.” you would have been castigated by blm supporters and be accused of racism. what about now?

rather than playing the race blame game, lets look at some of the facts behind the chinatown violence.

first, chinatowns tend to be peaceful places. prior to these incidents, there was little need to have police or security. people frequently go to chinatowns to take in some asian culture, enjoy asian food, and shop at the local mom and pop stores.

second, chinese new year has the phenomena of the “red packet.” on new year, “red packets” are the means of gifting. red packets containing money are distributed to family members and friends. red packet money. should be fresh, crisp, and new.

in past chinese new years, i have had to run to the bank to get new money for “red packets.” near asian communities, many banks even make available free “red packets” for their customers. those familiar with chinese new year season know that there will be more cash carrying than usual during that time. thus, covid-19, during new year’s time, is not a valid excuse.

third, the united states has a serious mental health treatment issues. the african-american community, as well as every other communities, is beset with individuals, who with improper treatment or facilities, can engage in acts of violence. family members, of these individuals, are in fear when these relatives leave their facility or are off of their medications. these individuals are also a source of violence within their community.

fourth, some videos show organized african american criminal crews intent on robbing chinatown stores and residents. in these instances, the violence that transpires appears as secondary to theft. criminal crews come in all ethnic, nationality. and racial groups. this is not special to any particular community.

thus, there are two forms of chinatown violence. one, irrational violence, and two, organized theft with circumstantial violence.

if we play the george floyd blame game, that crucifies every law enforcement and city in the united states for the bad act of one officer, then what does the collective african american community deserve blame for chinatown violence? this question illustrates the unfairness that wass hoisted upon law enforcement and our communities post-george floyd. thus, was it wrong to riot, loot, and burn down communities in reaction to the george floyd incident?

racial justice advocates are now scrambling to address black violence and crime against asians. covid-19 has even been brought out as an excuse. as shown above, it is not relevant. when you factor chinese new year and red packet cash as motive.

ten commandments values and morals offer a better solution to the problem than the racial blame game.

first, law enforcement should catch and prosecute those who actually committed the crimes. so far, there have some that have been caught. with one who pushed the chinese man to the ground, it should be no surprise that he was referred for a psychological assessment.

second, chinatown must enter into the sad reality that other communities have had to address. criminals will find soft targets. chinatown can no longer be a soft target for criminals. the community must be vigilant. they must have video surveillance. they must be careful when carrying cash. during the new year, banks should should have security to assist individuals to their vehicles.

ten commandments values and morals demand that the individuals be held accountable for their crimes. communities should not. for those in the african american community who are quick to point the finger at other groups in whole for an individual’s bad act, the chinatown violence is a painful reminder of how the finger can easily get pointed in your direction.

in sum, community blame is unfair. improperly treated mental illness should not be a stain on a community. second, criminal crews, which other communities have, should not be a be a reflection on an entire community. when we piece together the violence, there would appear to be only a few bad actors who committed a number of the crimes. collective punishment is simply wrong.

if the george floyd playbook is to be employed, what should happen to the african american community? should there be looting, rioting, and the burning down of properties? should people be shamed? should the motto “asian lives matter” be foisted upon them? these questions must be asked.

in contrast, a ten commandments based society asks only that those accountable be brought to justice.

be well!!

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